Sharan Kaur
Sharan KaurNew Haven Unified School Board Candidate


As a resident of Union City for over 25 years and 2 generations of family who have gone through the New Haven school district, I have the first-hand experience of what needs to be improved with our schools.  The prosperity of every society is defined by the success of its youth. Strong educational foundation is the key to preparing our children for a brighter future. It would be an honor for me to serve on the school board and to make an impact in every student’s life.

Being the eldest of 4 children, I always found it my duty to share my experiences and mentor my siblings and young members of community with their schools and careers.   I have strong passion for education and even stronger desire to see every student succeed regardless of their family or economic background.   I have been involved in the community and several charities that focus on education for over a decade and now feel the desire to step up, get involved and give back to the same schools and community that made me who I am today.

I work at Cisco as a Program Manager, implementing many diversity and educational initiatives. I intend to bring these in New Haven Unified Schools.   As a young professional, I believe it is my turn to give back to the community I cherish so much. My professional background in Silicon Valley and community service has prepared me for this very responsibility to serve our diverse community.  I am committed to collaborating with all stakeholders to ensure that we create more learning opportunities for our students, empower our teachers and engage our parents.

I am one of the most recent graduate and a product of the New Haven school district which gives me a great advantage to connect with students and teachers on a personal level and understand the opportunities of improvements.  I will bring unique and creative solutions to schools’ current issues.  I kindly seek your support on November 8th.

Any and all contributions welcome!

My Priority List

Union City is located in the heart of Silicon Valley. We have seen numerous success stories from the great innovators and entrepreneurs. I believe our children deserve enriched and interactive learning environments;  in addition to arts, music and organized sports,  I believe increased emphasis on Science , Technology, Engineering and Math education will provide solid foundations for our children’s ever changing futures. This will enable them to join the high paying technology job market and be at the forefront of future innovations.
For our children to grow and develop their best potentials, we must continue to create an environment that creates support for learning.  I believe in ensuring that teachers and classrooms are equipped with best possible resources to facilitate and promote educational, emotional and physical well-being.  I will tirelessly work to continue improving conditions for both students and educators.
Our strength as a community is our cultural diversity.  In order to maintain our focus on the needs of our children, we must involve and welcome parents in culturally responsive ways.  This includes investing in opportunities that create collaborating opportunities for parents and community members to participate and build networks in our children’s educational successes. A stronger and collaborative community fosters growth for our young minds.

Alameda County Democratic Party
Tom Torlakson, State Superintendent Public Instruction
New Haven Teachers Association (NHTA)
California School Employees Association (CSEA)
Alameda County Labor Council
Alameda County Building Trades Council
East Bay Women's Political Caucus (EBWPC)
Bob Wieckowski, Senator
Richard Valle, Supervisor of Alameda County, District 2
Mark Green, Former Mayor of Union City
Jim Navarro, Council Member of Union City
Sarabjit Cheema, New Haven Unified School Board
Kashmir Singh Shahi, Alameda County Commissioner on Assessment Appeals
Harvey Dosanjh, Senior Citizens Commission of Union City
Domingo Filardo, Senior Citizens Commission of Union City
Ann Boylan, Teachers (Ret.), New Haven Unified School District
Roger Starr, Teachers (Ret.), New Haven Unified School District
Mike Bucci, Councilmember of Newark
Raj Salwan, Former Councilmember of Fremont and current Chairman of Planning Commission of Fremont
Many more endorsements pending

I would be proud to have your endorsement!